Monday, July 8, 2013


Sometimes I do wonder..
What brothers are for..
I can only see the way how we all enjoy together..
and had a wonderful past together..
But for now.. I feel there is something missing in between us..
May be you guys never realise about this..
May be you guys never feel the impact like I do..

We're going to break apart ..
Not sure when will we be gather together again..
But one thing for sure..
Hope that one day when we all meet again we will still be as friend as we are..

Written By,
Franco Au.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

While watching some TV series today.. 
I have learnt something new.. 
Somehow I don't usually cry out to show that I'm sad or disappointed.. 
It's not because I am mean or heartless.. 
Cause my tears are all hidden.. 
In fact, which girls like to see boys crying? Or if you do, do you have some psycho problem? Hmm

Here is the thing I learnt from the TV series..
"People says woman is made out of water.. 
So it is not surprising to see woman crying out..
The difference between a girl's tear and a boy's tear is .. 
Girl tear through the eyes.. but boy tear through the heart..
but when boy tear through the eye.. You won't know how hurt it is to him" 

A good thing to know which I myself think it is true.. 
How about you? =) 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Guys.. I have this house in Ukay Perdana.. 2 1/2 Storey Semi-Detached .. 

- It's located at the hill top and surrounded by greeny environments
- Fresh air everywhere.. 
- With built in cabinet, wardrobe, spacious living hall with unique plaster ceilling, 24hours security and gated. 
- Easy access to MRR2 DUKE AKLEH
- Nearby taman melawati,taman zoo view.taman kemensah height,taman kemensah mewah,20 tress,sunway rydgeway,wangsa maju,wangsa melawati,taman desa haras, taman kasawari,taman permata,lembah keramat.taman setia wangsa,AU4,5,taman melati,gombak,setapak,desa setapak and more.

Viewing the house are practically telling you a thousand words.. 
So if you are interested please do not hesitate to contact me for more information and viewing.. 
Thank you! =) 

Email : 

Here are some pictures..

The back view.. 


Lower Ground Floor 
 Back scenery..
 Balcony.. Each floor has one..

Front View.. 

Good Old Time ..

It's the first day in the month of JUNE!!!! =D hahaha 
I'm here today to wish all people here.. 
May June bless all people with good health and good wealth! >< Haha 

Hmmmm.. Okay.. Here it is..
Guess what? 
After abandoned my blog for a loooonng period of time..
I read back alot of my very old posts..
And I found out that those are the days that makes who I am today..
Learning things from mistake especially.. 

Until today.. I would still support that friends (my brothers) are all much way better than having a life partner (Girlfriend) .. They are the people whom would never leave me in any situation..
Just that I think being my girlfriend.. I think you deserve some special privilege treatments from me.. Which is the best I can make you being special .. 
Looking back at my old post..
I seriously.. Miss those days I had with my friends at "Genting Trip 2009" veeeery badly..
You know who you are.. Or you wish me to mention all the names? It's about 20 people thou =) Hahaha 
And I hope to held it again this year.. 
And I hope to have one successful one eventhough it's a simple one..
It's enough.. I just need you all to gather again and bring back the laugh we never hear for 3 years.. It's very long dude~~ 

And for you.. 
You know who your real friends are now then good la.. 
I would like to see how many people can you tell the same thing over and over again .. 
I know you very well better than you think I do .. 
14/02/2012 : You had a wonderful time drinking all the alcohols you have.. and ended up with a drunken night.. I think you sure forgot who are the people who fetch you back and make sure you are home safely .. and get OURSELVES stay up late in the middle of the night just to look after you till you are okay.. 

>>>  Written by Franco Au  <<< 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday huh? Haha

Nothing much happened today..
Just busy with works, works and works.. but one thing surprised me today is..
Although this person has not been chatting with me much like last time..
But still understand me quite well.. 
This person knows what am I thinking even I din't really show out.. Not bad.. Haha 
Worth more than a friend.. =) 

Guess what? I found this on my drawer today when I was cleaning up my room..
My ever first angpow I got from her.. and also as an outsider (She said so)..
I seriously do not know what to do with it now =,= 
And I seriously do not know what for I framed this in the first place..
And I don't feel like using this Angpow.. Sigh 

Life must go on anyhow ....  =D 
Till then.. 

>>> Mr. Franco Au <<< 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Life is Good ..

It has been awhile since my last touch on my blog.. 
Now I have decided to re-blog again.. 
Would that be a good news to everyone? =) Haha
However .. I think this is the only place where I can sound out everything I want and not to hear any complains from people.. It's true thou.. One of the best way not to annoy other people by just complaining the same thing over and over again.. People could feel boring and don't know what to do.. To the people who has been listening to my complains lately.. I know that feelings kay? Even if you say it is okay to listen just for me to feel better.. That is what I usually say to people also =P haha But I do know it's true la.. Just I don't feel like to annoy you people again.. I know you people are busy with other stuff as well =)

This blog is for me to update my friends what I have been doing lately..
Friends are adding everyday.. I could not manage to update everyone by going out to have a drink, texting, outing, trip, breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper and many more.. Time is just do not allowed me to do so.. I also need time for myself and my family.. Please understand ya.. Hope you could appreciate the time when I have with you.. Sometimes, I have to learn how to say a big NO NO to an invitation.. I know myself don't really get used to rejects people.. But I think I had already done my best so far.. For the disappointed ones, please understand ya.. I'm not doing it on purpose =( 

Many things have been happening lately, but of course I sure do laugh more than sad.. Hahaha Surprises just don't stop coming to me everyday now >< Haha.. One thing I will never forget what had happened on 4th of April 2013.. It is the worst thing I ever had in my life.. In short, I just do not know for all those things I had done for you whether have you really store in your heart properly and reflashing it every night before you sleep.. A cruel people like you, I don't think you would.. 

>> Questions I have in mind << You said you wanted so much to say "I Love you" to me but you just not dare to say cause you were afraid you would overly attached to me and one day you would get hurt again if we ended up badly.. Why would you afraid of ending up badly with me while we are working hard being together? Isn't it stupid? One thing I can see throughout the moments I'm with you, you always misses him.. What to do? Blame myself for choosing someone just right after the first love la! Stupid me.. Hahahahahaha 
You said PTGF/PTBF wasn't your choice.. Have you ever deny it? Excuse me girl.. I have been working hard at first for your answer to say "YES" to me as a true girlfriend.. In respect, you said you wanna talk about it after graduated.. I guess you have totally forgotten about it as usual.. Great! So this is what you planned actually.. 

Alright people.. Till then..
I gonna sleep ady.. 

Gonna share more when I'm free.. 
Will continue with my Phuket trip and others..
Good night peeps! =D 

>>> Franco @ San Francisco <<<